Teacher-driven Vinyasa, Hatha, and Ashtanga Yoga in the heart of Dupont Circle.


Our classes are rooted in classical Hatha Yoga Traditions - Ashtanga, Vinyasa, and Iyengar - and emphasize proper alignment and understanding of the asanas (poses) as the foundation of a sustainable practice, regardless of immediate goals.

You can show up to practice in whatever you want - sweatpants, shorts and a t-shirt, running clothes, or last night's outfit. It's OK to ask questions during class, laugh, and to lose you balance trying something new.

What do we ask of you? That you come willing to put in a little work to achieve the benefits that Yoga delivers: strength, balance, concentration, relief from pain, and, for many, a sense of peace in a sometimes stressful city.


We have classes for everyone, regardless of shape, age, flexibility, or athleticism - and our studio has an open, laid-back vibe.


For us, yoga isn't about how much you sweat, what you're wearing, or if you can chant “om” perfectly, it's about finding your personal edge, a moment of peace, stillness, or strength.

Your first time? Sure, it's going to be awkward and you're not going to "get it" the first visit.

You may not get it on your 1,000th visit either - because it's about finding the edges of your ability (and your mind) - and that's always changing.


Our workshops offer the chance to deepen your practice with DC's favorite teachers and notable guest teachers.